Dear Turkey Trotters, Please read each word.

YOU were the Trot.  You all were. Really. Has there ever been such a cool, random collection of people?  I wish there was a contest for great events.. Because the entire group of us should be on Ellen's couch or somehow celebrated.  I am sincerely grateful and would like to make this event yours as well.


 So, now you own the Turkey Trot with me because it was SO much better because of you. Wasn't it?  25 states plus British Columbia stood on one small street corner in a beach side community in the off season.  25 states.  And, isn't it obvious?  America is doing really well.  We are kind adults and raising/ have raised great kids.  We spent Thanksgiving morning with half of the country represented and we had a blast.


Please enjoy the photos  but, first watch the 2018 Turkey Trot Family Photo Video. I made it, studied the pics, and kept reloading and watching and.... I LOVED what she captured! I realized each of you, each of us- from young to golden- is in the best stage of our lives.   

I loved the big families.  The snowman toddler, and then his parents in the next photo. I loved the two women (sisters? mother/daughter?) who sit calmly with Santa in an early photo, and then have returned with beers and bigger smiles in a later one, i love the "not convinced its Santa" little girl with arms folded in front of her as her mother smiles youthfully over Santa's shoulder. I loved the family of turkeys including baby turkey.

       I love the parental hugs and holds on babies, toddlers, and adult children... as if trying to stop time. I love the friendships captured, the pets, and the pride. 

       Without needing to buy gifts, decorate a tree, spend money, or prepare for weeks extensively, Thanksgiving and the Turkey Trot are simply a time to stop, be present, and realize these are the moments we hustle to have.  These moments are the best in life.  These are the moments your children will remember when they say, "I had the best childhood".

         PLEASE find your picture by number in our gallery and send us a message through the contact link. Please send us the photo id number and the names of all of the people in the picture (L-R) and your city and state.... I'll  update the video to include under  your photo.

        And, don't forget us on New Year's Eve!!!  Make the Turkey Trot 2019  YOUR resolution!

Please take time to enjoy the photo and video links at the top of this page.

Charlie's mom (on behalf of his father, brothers and sisters), 


PS- None of this can exist or will exist without my partner and logistical queen, event planner, and truest friend, Michelle Nassan  She is the only one to join me in our committee of two for this entire event until packet pick up.  She is everything that you experience and enjoy.   

Proudly run by Michelle Nassan, event director with the help and heart of Charlie's mom, Elise Normile and the businesses of so many  friends and neighbors.