Because my son could not grow up and love this town ... I wanted the town to grow to love my son."

Elise Normile
Race Founder  
Two year old Charlie passed away in 2011 through no fault of his own. Leaving his parents, brothers, sisters including his twin Lol He passed before he could make an impact, make friends, leave footprints, but not before he won the hearts of his family and those who knew him. In his name, his parents act to better the world, help others, and spread his delight for life.
Three months after we lost Charlie, in the deadliest day for American forces in the nearly decade-long war in Afghanistan, insurgents shot down a Chinook transport helicopter, killing 30 Americans, including  Navy Seal commandos from the unit that killed Osama bin Laden .  Many of these men were Navy SEALS, our boys, from our town. We felt the grief of so many parents, families, spouses, children, siblings so close to us. We committed to bringing honor to these men in death because their names must be silent, for their own security, as they live and serve.
Ironically, 5 months after the first Turkey Trot, we lost my eldest son, James, at 16 years old, and that was beyond breathable and most silencing. The depth of pain, the size of loss, was unspeakable.  The sun in my sky dimmed forever.


Charlie's mom and twin, Lola, the summer of loss.

Proudly run by Michelle Nassan, event director with the help and heart of Charlie's mom, Elise Normile and the businesses of so many  friends and neighbors.